Community Engagement Strategy

Timeline and details of engagement process

It’s Our Place, Our Future – Have Your Say!

The IP&R suite of documents adopted by Council in June 2022 was regarded as interim as the pathway to financial sustainability was under development at the time of preparing the Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP.)  The changes to the interim LTFP have been integrated with updates to the other IP&R documents which were endorsed at the Council meeting held on 23 January 2023.


Community Engagement Strategy

Council’s Community Engagement Strategy provides  a guideline for how we will engage with the

community to:

  • Develop the Community Strategic Plan 2035 and associated documents that form the Integrated Planning Framework.
  • Engage with the community on how best to achieve affordable and acceptable levels of service.

Council has a high level of commitment to engaging with the community and actively seeks community input and advice into its strategic plans and processes on a regular basis.  The Community Engagement Strategy outlines how we will be consulting and engaging with our community and Stakeholders.

There will be a numerous opportunities to provide your ideas and feedback throughout this process.  We will post all project updates on this page.  If you would like to be kept up to date on progress with the project, please subscribe to our weekly Community eNewsletter, Council Connections by clicking ‘subscribe’ in the ‘stay informed’ box on the right.


Community Surveys

As part of the development of the Community Strategic Plan 2035 and the suite of documents which make up the Integrated Planning Framework, Council engaged Micromex Research to survey the community to:

  • Identify what the community values most about living in the Lithgow area.
  • Identify what the community believes the highest priority issues will be in the Lithgow area over the next 10 years. And
  • Assess community priorities when planning for Lithgow’s future.

Micromex Research conducted a strategic planning workshop with the Councillors which was informed by the results of the Community Visioning Survey.   The Councillors identified strategic priorities for the Lithgow LGA over the next 10 years which have been incorporated into the Draft Community Strategic Plan 2035; ‘Our Place…Our Future’,