Draft Operational Plan

Exhibition of 2023-2024 Operational Plan

​Lithgow City Council is inviting submissions on the Draft Operational Plan and associated documents. Click the links below to view the documents prior to making a submission using the online form provided.   Submissions will be received until midnight on Wednesday 24 May.

A copy of the report to the Council meeting held on 24 April can be viewed here:

Report - Agenda Ordinary Council Meeting 24 April Item 10.5.1
Delivery/Operations Plan Cover

Delivery Program 2022/23 – 2025/26
Draft Operational Plan 2023/24

The Draft Operational Plan is a high-level document that details what we are going to do in the 2023/24 financial year. The 2023/24Operational Plan builds upon the significant number of on-the-ground improvements which Council has undertaken in 2023/24 and responds to the needs of the community identified in the Community Strategic Plan 2030 across the five key themes of:

  • Caring for our community
  • Strengthening our economy
  • Developing our built environment
  • Enhancing our natural environment
  • Responsible governance and civic leadership

The implementation of this plan will ensure that the Lithgow local government area is a desirable place to live, work and invest for current and future generations.

Major Projects

Major Projects and Program Plan

The Major Projects & Programs Plan (pages 130-147 of the Draft Operational Plan) has been developed to include projected programs for the term of the Delivery Program 2022-2026. Each year Council reviews its Major Projects and Programs and identifies the projects that will be included in the annual Operational Plan. Projects identified for future years2024/25 – 2025/26 are indicative only and are reviewed annually as part of the Council’s Operational Plan.

Projects/Programs which identify grant funding or corporate sponsorship will only proceed upon successful funding applications or with a reduced program in line with available funding.

If grant funding has been secured for a project/program – the funding source is identified in the project description.

Projects/Programs which have been deferred in the 2022/23 FY have been carried forward to 2023/24.

Statement of revenue policy

Statement of Revenue Policy

The objective of the Statement of Revenue Policy is to ensure that rates are levied in a fair and equitable manner so as to provide sufficient funds to carry out the general services which benefit all the ratepayers of the area.

Council aims to set rates and charges at a level that provides a sustainable income but does not impose undue hardship on property owners. The council is committed to a rates and charges process that is ethical, transparent, open, accountable and compliant with legal obligations (including the NSW Local Government Act 1993 and the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 (NSW)). The administration of rates will be honest, diligent and applied consistently and fairly across all properties.

Fees and charges

Fees & Charges

The Fees & Charges document is a part of the Statement of Revenue Policy and lists the fees and charges for the diverse range of services provided by Council to the community.   This requires different considerations when determining the associated fee or charge (see p2 of the Statement of Revenue Policy for details).

How can I have my say?

Council is inviting community feedback on the Draft 2023/24 Operational Plan and Draft 2023/24 Fees and Charges including any issues that you believe required attention and your suggestions or ideas about future directions for the Lithgow local government area.

Prior to making a submission, please ensure that you have viewed the relevant document for your area of interest above.  For example, you want to request works to be undertaken on a particular street/road – view the Major Projects & Programs Plan, then, if it has not included in the program fill in the Feedback form below.  Submissions close on Wednesday 24 May at midnight.

All submissions will be reported to Council at its meeting to be held on 26 June for consideration prior to adoption of the 2023/24 Operational Plan and Fees & Charges.

Submissions close on Wednesday 24 May, for the Draft Operational Plan and associated documents.   

All community submissions received will be reported to June meeting Council (personal information will be redacted) for consideration as part of the final report to adopt the Draft Operational Plan and Fees & Charges. 


The exhibition period has now closed..