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Lithgow City Council’s engagement with the community was based on an assumed rate peg of 2.5% as in accordance with the Office of Local Government`s Special Rate Variation guidelines.  On 29 September 2022, IPART announced the 2023-24 rate peg for NSW Council is set at 3.7%. Following the announcement, website communications were updated to reflect the 3.7% rate peg.   Historic community engagement materials produced during Council’s engagement program referred to the assumed 2.5% rate peg amount and these documents are retained in the archive section of the website for reference.

At the Council meeting held on 28 November Council resolved as follows:

22 -235 RESOLVED

THAT Council:

  1. Authorise the General Manager to notify the NSW Independent Regulatory and Pricing Tribunal of its intention to lodge an application under Section 508(2) of the NSW Local Government Act for a permanent Special Rate Variation (SRV) 34.3% increase (plus 3.7% rate peg) in 2023/24 for the primary purposes (based on IPART categories) of:
    1. Improving financial sustainability;
    2. Maintaining existing services; and
    3. Reducing infrastructure backlogs for asset maintenance and renewals.
  2. Commit to limiting any increase in the residential, farming and business (general) rating categories to 27.7% (including the 3.7% rate peg) with the balance of the SRV funds required to be levied against the business power generation sub-category, mining category and a new quarrying business sub-category or sub-categories.
  3. Note that, in the event that the future fund proposal is not finalised prior to any SRV application to IPART being completed in January 2023, Option 1 would return to Council’s original proposal of a 42% SRV (plus 3.7%) with $1.092M added back to the power generation and mining rating categories.
  4. Endorse the updated Integrated Planning & Reporting documents to be placed on public exhibition for 28 days. This will include the following plans:
    1. Supplementary Community Strategic Plan 2035.
    2. Supplementary Combined Delivery Program 2022– 2026 and Operational Plan 2022/23.
    3. Updated 2022-2032 Long Term Financial Plan.
    4. Updated 2022-2026 Workforce Plan.
    5. Updated 2022-2032 Strategic Asset Management Plan.
  5. Note the Community Engagement Strategy Feedback Report which is included as an attachment.