Council Seeking Concept Designs – New Town Signage  

At the April 2024 meeting of Lithgow City Council, it was resolved that the Council would commence a process of community engagement for the design of new town entry signage for Lithgow, Wallerawang, and Portland.  

The Council is seeking concept designs from artists, fabricators, designers, and members of the community to supply their vision for what these new signs may look like. 

To make a design submission, Council is requesting that contributions include an artistic impression of the concept, a brief description or statement of the concept outlining how it will tie into and resonate with the Lithgow LGA and an overview of the materials required for the proposed signage. 

The desirable characteristics of the design include being artistically distinct, relevant to the community, easy to manufacture and maintain, and importantly the design should create a grand sense of entry for people visiting our area.  

List of locations for the signs.

It is proposed that the signs will be placed at the following locations:  


1.Entrance off Great Western Highway (east)
2.Entrance off Great Western Highway (west) 
3.Entrance off Chifley Road at bottom of Scenic Hill  


1.Entrance at Wallerawang Road
2.Entrance off Portland Sunny Corner Road
3.Entrance off Boulder Road
4.Entrance off Portland Cullen Bullen Road 


1.Entrance off Barton Avenue
2.Entrance off Pipers Flat Road
3.Entrance off Main Street
4.Entrance off Wallerawang Rydal Road 

Key Dates

Submissions open: Monday 27th May  

Submissions close: Monday24h June  

What happens with my submission?

All design submissions will be considered. From the initial pool of submissions, a shortlist will be created which will be presented to the Council for progression to the second stage of design. The short list will be exhibited publicly where the community can provide feedback on the designs which will inform the final decision and implementation of new signage. The shortlisted designs may be developed to a level suitable for public exhibition. 

Proposals open Friday 24th May and will close on Sunday 16th May 2024 

Examples of Entry Signage



Submissions for Town Signage
What is the concept? How does it tie into the Lithgow Community and why do you think it should be chosen as the design by Council?

Maximum file size: 10MB

Standard image file types and pdf are acceptable. Maximum size 10 mb per file. Maximum of 5 files per submission


By agreeing to submit a concept design, you accept that Lithgow City Council may use the supplied material for the purpose(s) of publication of advertising and general promotion of Lithgow City Council.

You acknowledge that by submitting a design and material you are not entering into a business relationship with Lithgow City Council, and you further waive any right or perceived right to payment of any type whatsoever.

Agreement to terms of submission