Special rate variation
ipart determination

IPART Determination

IPART has approved Council’s Special Rate Variation (SRV) application in full.

The approved overall increase to land rates for the 2023/24 year is 45.78% (including 3.7% rate peg). Council will limit the increase in the residential, farming and business (general) rating categories to 27.7% (including the 3.7% rate peg) with the balance of the increase to be levied against the business power generation sub-category, mining category and a new quarrying business sub-category or sub-categories.

IPART`s assessment found that the council met all of the Office of Local Government criteria for its proposed SRV and therefore approved Council’s application.

IPART`s determination and instrument are available for viewing below:

LG Determination – Lithgow City Council – Special variation application 2023-24

Instrument – 2023-24 – Lithgow City Council – Special Rate Variation

Building a Brighter Future for all

In 2022, Council undertook extensive community consultation to identify the community’s priorities for the future of the local government area.

Your 3 key priority areas are:

  • 80% of the community believe improving/maintaining roads and kerb & guttering is the key priority for Council across the LGA.
  • 25% of the community believe improving the service delivery of waste, sewerage & water is a priority for the Council.
  • 23% of the community believe improving the management of Council operations is a priority for the Council.

You told us and we listened!

The Special Rate Variation – What it means for you…

Aside from all of the scheduled works for 2023/24, the Special Rate Variation will deliver even more infrastructure and services for the community.

IPART’s announcement of an increase in land rates (which equates to $6.2m in income) is a major step towards better maintaining the city’s roads and infrastructure. It will also help to transform and grow the local economy and assist the Council to deliver quality services to the whole community.

For residential, farming and business (general) ratepayers there is an increase in land rates of approximately 27.7% (24% SRV plus 3.7% rate peg).

The remaining increase (approximately $3M) will be funded by the business power generation sub-category, mining category, and a new quarrying business sub-category.

 $6.2m Special Rate Variation Program 2023/24

The funds raised from the additional rating revenue will enable Council to invest in the future of the Lithgow LGA and is spread across a number of priority programs which were shaped by our conversations with the community.

You asked…We will deliver – SRV Program 2023/24

Improving and maintaining roads
checkMarkGreen$1.67M Transport Maintenance Program to undertake preventative maintenance on sealed roads and implement a High-Risk Road Safety Signage & Barrier Improvements Program.
checkMarkGreen$1.37M Roads Renewal Program more than doubles the own source revenue allocation to road renewal with works to be undertaken on:
  • Sunny Corner Road Portland from Sofala to Falnash Street,
  • Corderoy Place Wallerawang, Brays Lane, Wallerawang from Blackberry Lane to No. 175, and
  • Main Street, Wallerawang from Blackberry Lane to Railway Line.
Improving and maintaining kerb & Guttering
checkMarkGreen$279K Stormwater Maintenance Program to divert water from roadways:
  • Doubling the urban kerb and gutter replacement program, and
  • A new program of proactively reforming the drains of rural roads, preventing deterioration and increased future costs for repair.
checkMarkGreen$180K Stormwater Drainage Renewal Program to implement the Flood Plain Risk Management Plan priority actions to reduce risks to residents and properties.
Improving the way, we manage our assets.
checkMarkGreen$396K General Asset Maintenance Program:
  • Development of a Natural Area Management Program,
  • Faster delivery of Asset Management Plans to ensure funds are better matched to the assets of greatest need, and
  • Undertaking a comprehensive building asset inspections program to identify condition assessment.
checkMarkGreen$517K General Asset Renewal Program:
  • Playground safety program which includes a priority softfall renewal program, increasing the playgrounds renewal budget by 75%, and
  • Plant Replacement Acceleration Program to reduce the plant replacement backlog 4 years earlier, with workers having the correct, quality equipment they need for the job.
Improving the way, we manage the business of Council.
checkMarkGreen$250K to increase strategic capacity in the areas of governance, risk and internal audit - all of which assist ongoing financial sustainability.
checkMarkGreen$250K fund to support productivity projects which achieve ongoing savings and/or increased revenue.
checkMarkGreen$250K Contingency Funding to be reserved annually to ensure Council is able to absorb future financial shocks.
Lithgow Emerging Economy Program (LEEP)
checkMarkGreen$1.092M Transitions Management Program directed to the critical task of diversifying the local economy and attracting investment to the city. Council will work in partnership with the NSW and Australian Governments and key stakeholders to create a positive investment environment, attract new industries and support business to expand. This will help create diverse, skilled jobs for young people and workers currently in the coal and energy sectors. Visit www.leep.lithgow.com for more information.

You told us and we listened

$52m capital works program to be delivered in 2023/24!

In 2023/24 the Council committed to delivering $31.6m in capital works, this was a big increase from the average of $11.62m in the previous 3 years.  But this year, the program will see more than $52m of works will be delivered – a 60% increase.

This is the largest program of works, far and away, that this Council has ever delivered. It will involve increased roadworks, footpaths, bridges, drainage, management of natural areas, sports fields and playground works.

A snapshot of the 2023/24 program is included in this flyer.  To find out more about Council’s projects and programs for 2023/24 download the combined 2022-26 Delivery Program and 2023/24 Operational Plan.

Lithgow – Major Projects & Programs
checkMarkGreenMain Street/Cupro Street Drainage Works include installation of new box culverts and inlets as well as sub surface works to increase drainage capacity. (Resources for Regions Round 9 & AGRN1025)
checkMarkGreenStage 2 - CBD Revitalisation Program - Modernisation of the CBD will be undertaken between Cook & Bridge Streets with the removal of slip hazards and existing pavers, improved parking and pedestrian flows and replacement of ageing infrastructure all designed to promote an attractive and vibrant CBD to new businesses, local and visitor shoppers.
checkMarkGreenTransport infrastructure program
  • Reseal Amien Street, Lithgow between Rabaul & Lemnos Streets.
  • Resurface Bridge Street, Lithgow between Mort & Pau Streets.
  • Atkinson Street/State Mine Gully Road, Lithgow - renewal of Atkinson Street and State Mine Gully Road, Lithgow, from Willes Street to the boundary with National Parks. (This is part of the Gardens of Stone Project and subject to external funding approval)
  • Repair and renew the road pavement of Coalbrook Street, Geordie Street and Wear Street. Note: this program is rolled over from 2022/23.
  • Commission a feasibility analysis and detailed design of a concrete, single span bridge to replace the existing concrete causeway on Geordie Street, Lithgow. (Resources for Regions Rd 9)
checkMarkGreenActive Transport Plan - Walking & Cycling Projects - New footpaths:
  • Maple Crescent, Lithgow
  • Hartley Valley Road, Vale of Clwydd
checkMarkGreenParks and Recreational Facilities Upgrade
  • Installation of new perimeter security fencing around Lithgow Hockey Facility
  • Installation of Street/park furniture and sealing of the entry & carpark at Watsford and Conran Ovals.
  • Installation of an irrigation system on Watsford Oval
  • Replacement of perimeter fencing along the Playground end of Queen Elizabeth Park
  • Replace pool covers, shade sales, lane ropes, filtration pumps at the JM Robson Aquatic Centre
  • Upgrade pathways, construct formalised parking areas and install lighting to improve safety and visitor experience at Lake Pillans Wetlands (Stronger Country Communities Fund Rd5)
  • Upgrade Blast Furnace Park to create a premier outdoor performance space with the Installation of a stage to allow for music and other events and lighting upgrade to enhance the site’s features to enable regular light shows to occur. (Stronger Country Communities Fund Rd5)
checkMarkGreenCommunity buildings and facilities Program
  • Upgrade the kitchen in the Union Theatre to include a servery cut through the wall to create a kiosk for serving snacks and drinks to theater audiences.
  • Construction of new store building at the Lithgow Depot including driveway and access points at 140 Mort Street. Implementation of Supply Chain Management Module for the ordering and issuing of goods from the store.
  • Upgrade of the Customer Service Area of the Administration Centre.
  • Upgrade of the security system at the Administration and Depot.
  • Renew and seal the roof of the Lithgow Library and undertake a major internal upgrade and fit-out to improve the facilities for library users.
Portland – Major Projects & Programs
checkMarkGreenTransport infrastructure program
  • Repair and renewal of Saville & Purcell Street, Portland. Note: this program is rolled over from 2022/23
checkMarkGreenActive Transport Plan - Walking & Cycling Projects - New footpaths:
  • High Street, Portland
checkMarkGreenParks and Recreational Facilities Upgrade
  • Portland Central Park Project – complete redesign of the recreation space of Portland Central school including installation of secondary equipment and activation programs to create an “active share our space school” for students and families in Portland and surrounds. (Resources for Regions Round 9)
  • Kremer Park Portland Grandstand Improvements and renewal of the retaining wall. (Resources for Regions Round 8)
checkMarkGreenCommunity buildings and facilities Program
  • Installation of an Exeloo Toilet to replace & modernize the old Toilet Block on Cullen Street in keeping with proposed development of The Foundations and recent upgrades to Saville Park; Rotunda, children’s playground, Sports Club House.
Wallerawang & Surrounds – Major Projects & Programs
checkMarkGreenTransport infrastructure program
  • Wolgan Road Realignment (Multi-year project) – Studies and construction of a new permanent access to Wolgan Valley – funded under the State & Federal Governments Natural Disaster Recovery Arrangements Program.
  • Renew Wolgan Road, Lidsdale from Ian Holt Drive to Maddox Lane. Note: this program is rolled over from 2022/23
  • See also Special Rate Variation Program 
checkMarkGreenActive Transport Plan - Walking & Cycling Projects - New footpaths:
  • Barton Avenue, Wallerawang
  • Pindari Place, Wallerawang
Villages – Major Projects & Programs
checkMarkGreenTransport infrastructure program
  • Construction of a detour and repair/construct new causeway at Glen Davis. AGRN1012)
  • Red Hill Road Bridge, Palmers Oaky (Fixing Country Bridges Rd 2)
  • Charles Street Bridge, Rydal (Fixing Country Bridges Round 2)
  • Re-gravel & seal Peach Tree Road, Megalong Valley
  • Reseal and remediation of sections of pavement to Megalong Place, Kanimbla
  • Re-gravel 3.5km of Jerrys Meadow Road, Sodwalls.
  • Re-sheeting Anarel Road, Sodwalls with road base and improving the drainage of the road.
checkMarkGreenActive Transport Plan - Walking & Cycling Projects - New footpaths:
  • Castlereagh Highway, Cullen Bullen
checkMarkGreenCommunity buildings and facilities Program
  • ABCD Inc. Community Hall - Clarence - Rebuilding of new community hall in Petra Avenue to lock-up stage (Resources for Regions Round 9).
Planning for our future

Progressing the Marrangaroo Urban Release Area (MURA) and Employments Lands Planning Proposal

Council is continuing to advocate for delivery of the Marrangaroo Master Plan with key private and government stakeholders.  Marrangaroo has been identified as an urban growth area which could provide up to 1,600 homes and 65 employment lands super lots for a mix of future commercial and industrial land uses.  The council has also been working with Transport for NSW to resolve the issue of required infrastructure to provide safe access to the Great Western Highway.   Work is underway to remove the planning barriers to rezoning the Marrangaroo Urban Release Area and enabling individual subdivision/ development proposals by landowners.   This project includes completion of all relevant studies, identification of infrastructure funding options and further landowner engagement.


Growth Management Strategy for the LGA

The council will be developing a Growth Management Strategy (GMS) to provide a coordinated, strategic and planned approach to cater for growth and transition in the LGA over the next two decades. The timing of this work provides opportunities for a considered land use planning response to the Lithgow Emerging Economy Plan (LEEP).  The GMS will address the LGA’s future needs for housing and employment and guide future growth investigation into suitable areas, while maintaining and protecting the social, economic and environmental values of the LGA.

$12.9m investment in waste, water & sewer infrastructure


Securing our water supply and growing our economy

Council is working with Centennial Coal and the state government to develop a 24 km, 600mm diameter pipeline that will transport up to 25 mega-litres daily from Clarence to Wallerawang.

The Clarence to Wallerawang Pipeline Project, is a multi-year project that will provide a dependable water source to the city and support new industries. A key site for the new industries is the site of the former Wallerawang Power Station. The proposal would pipe treated mine water from Clarence Colliery to the Wallerawang Power Station site and include a new water treatment plant at Wallerawang.

Currently in the feasibility stage, the project will move next year to the planning assessment phase where liaison with landowners, community consultation and comprehensive technical studies, that will comprise an Environmental Impact Study, will commence.

Under the project management of NSW Public Works, it is anticipated the proposed project would secure planning consent in 2023 and construction would be finalised by 2025.

Also, in 2023/24 the Council will replace the Wallerawang Sewerage Pumping Station (SPS) at Maddox Lane to enable future development in the northern areas of Lidsdale while continuing to service the existing township with sewerage transportation. The new pumping station will utilise modern equipment and technology to transport sewerage away from residences in the Lidsdale area for treatment downstream. This project builds on the previously completed sewer main relining and the ongoing testing for illegal sewerage connections in the area.

$2.4m waste program

In 2022, Council endorsed the Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy 2022 – 2026 and committed to progressing the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Stage 1 of the NSW Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy targets of:

  • Average 80% recovery rate from all waste streams by 2030
  • Separate collection of food and garden organics by 2030

In 2023/24 Council will be progressing this by:

checkMarkGreenRolling out the Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) service including provision of an additional green lidded bin for FOGO.
checkMarkGreenInstallation of a Leachate Barrier System at Lithgow Landfill.
checkMarkGreenImplementing weighbridge and gatehouse improvements at Lithgow Solid Waste Facility.
checkMarkGreenCommencing operation of the Resource Recovery Centre at Lithgow Landfill.

The council will be continuing to meet its requirements under the EPA Act to construct a primary rural transfer station in preparation of closure of all rural landfills.  A transfer station will be constructed at Capertee with closure of the landfill in 2024. Closure and rehabilitation of Portland Landfill is expected to be undertaken in 2025 once the landfill has reached capacity.

$7.8m Sewer program

Ensuring the sewerage capacity of the region for sustainable growth and development has been identified as an important way to enhance the natural environment.  In 2023/24 we will be progressing this by:

checkMarkGreenLithgow Sewerage Treatment Plant - design and construction Inlet Works.
checkMarkGreenNew Sewerage Pumping Station for South Bowenfels Development area to enable growth and development.
checkMarkGreenOld Bathurst Road, Stage 2 - Installation & Civil Works of new pumps and receiver manhole.
checkMarkGreenTweed Mills Sewerage Pumping Station high voltage upgrade
checkMarkGreenEast Portland Sewerage Pumping Station bypass upgrade and decommission of High Street Sewerage Pumping Station.
checkMarkGreenLithgow Correctional Sewerage Pumping Station inlet - Muffin Monster installation & switchboard upgrade.
checkMarkGreenSewer Vent Replacement and Sewer Mains Relining Program
checkMarkGreenSewer Manhole Inspection and Assessment - inspect maintenance holes in the sewerage system to assess their condition and collect data for inclusion in the asset register and system.
checkMarkGreenSewer Mains Smoke Testing for illegal connections.
$2.7m Water program

Council acknowledges that a safe and reliable water network is not only vital for the health and wellbeing of residents, but that we need to ensure we have the capacity to allow for growth and expansion of our towns and cities. In 2023/24 we will be progressing this by:

checkMarkGreenInvestigation and community consultation on the works required to upgrade, replace or remove the Tarana raw water supply system.
checkMarkGreenRenewal of 690m of water mains in Lidsdale Street, Wallerawang.
checkMarkGreenUpgrades to Oakey Park Water Treatment Plant will include NBN Connection to the flow meter and the replacement of clear water and backwash pumps and Differential Pressure Transmitters.
checkMarkGreenConcrete Pits to cover flow meters at QE Park, Oakey Park head works and two at Payne Street Portland
checkMarkGreenDam Safety Compliance