Lithgow City Council is inviting the community to share its vision for the future of the Lithgow local government area to inform the Community Strategic Plan 2035 – Our Place, Our Future and supporting documents.

Since the Community Strategic Plan – Our Place…Our Future was last reviewed five years ago, a lot has changed in our region and the impacts of climate change, bushfires, floods and COVID-19 have left deep imprints on how we live our lives.

A telephone survey of 400 randomly selected residents from across the local government area will commence on Tuesday 14 December. This will be supplemented by an online version of the survey.

“We understand that everyone is busy preparing for Christmas and the end of the year, but your voice is extremely important to us” said Lithgow Council General Manager, Craig Butler “

“We are encouraging everyone to participate in our survey which will directly inform the review of the Community Strategic Plan ensuring our community’s plan stays relevant and targets those areas that matter most. This is a chance for everyone to be involved in the future of the Lithgow region. We want people to think about what our community needs and speak up about it.” continued Council’s General Manager, Craig Butler,

The survey will enable Council to:

  • Identify what the community values most about living in the Lithgow area.
  • Identify what the community believes the highest priority issues will be in the Lithgow area over the next 10 years. And
  • Assess community priorities when planning for Lithgow’s future.

“The development of the Community Strategic Plan; ‘Our Place…Our Future’, requires long-term thinking – we can’t do everything at once, but this plan will give us a path to follow into the future” concluded Mr Butler.